Auto save Problem

please solve auto-save and publish to the website
major issue asking for 2 weeks

Hello, Can you let me know what issue are you talking about?

Edit: I think I might now what you are talking about.

Your website is not being auto-published, only YOU can see edits in live mode, while you are logged in. This is a feature, not a bug. This gives you freedom to live preview how your website looks, without waiting for any publish time.

When you click “Publish” button, thats when your website is published for everyone else to see it. You can test this from incognito tab.

And for auto-save, we are cloud based, as every modern software, and all changes are being auto-saved, same works in google docs, webflow, notion, any other tool. Every change you do is being auto saved.

And what is bad side as of now is: we currently dont have a backup versioning system, this means, you cant create a backup of your website whenever you want, and restore it by yourself.
But, our system creates backup of each publish of your website, so if you need to restore some of previously published versions, just get in touch with us, and we will do it for you.

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Thanks, @Pakic for explaining, I might have missed this behavior in the tutorial. Because I did not know, and wondered why my progress was auto-published all the time.

Although I now see it as valuable, from a UX standpoint, I would wish that there was a popup explaining this the first time clicking the “Preview” button or a checkbox that says “Auto Preview” on/off.

Alternatively, you could show a quick pop-up the first time opening the “logged in preview” saying: “Auto preview - only for you as logged-in user”.

I know you are still working on a lot. I appreciate all the amazing work you are doing!

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