Background color reset and rending on different devices

I was trying to set a gradient background color in a Section, it worked on Windows Chrome but not in Android Chrome or iOS (480 px break). Now i’m just trying to have a solid background color in a section but it keeps constantly resetting when trying to set the color. It renders properly on a Windows Chrome but on Android Chrome it is just white, and on iOS phone the color is a very light blue. Not sure what is happening. Any suggestions are welcome.

This is a bug, we will try to fix it today :confused: try using regular color (hex or rgba) for now instead of variable if possible.

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Unfortunately it is not just the gradient, the singe solid color is rendering differently on different devices/browsers.

Hey, any update on this? I’ve changed all of the backgrounds (Div/Container etc) to a simple white color but this is how it shows up on iOS Safari.

Hey, sorry, forgot this :confused: , I’ve put it now in my task list, so I will take care of it today

Any news on this? Seems like issues with CSS?

Hey, didnt managed to get the same error as you, but now I see what is the problem, you defined same color twice with two different names, and it has conflicts.

So for now its best if you can remove “Background” and just work with “Dark Background”, and we will create some functionality in future to not allow you to create same color twice.

You can remove color if you right click on it.


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Thanks, this fixed the homepage, however, please check out AI Zona | bedvoyageai, i’ve tried a few different standard elements and now changed it to the dark background but it cannot render properly on my end.

There was some borken CSS on mobile for this embed element, which broke CSS file on your webiste. I am not sure how this happened, but I am pretty sure builder didn’t cause it, it might been you?


Hvala :slight_smile: Neznam mozda sam je to razbio, ali nisam siguran kako.