Bunch of quick questions

Hey there,

I’ve got a few (hopefully quick) questions:

  1. It looks like two sections of my website have lost their styling. They appear fine in the builder, but the live page is a bit “broken.” Here are some images for reference:

  2. Can we use emojis on the website? I tried using a few, and the heart emoji worked, but the others displayed as a rhomboid shape. Here’s an example:

  3. Is there a way to delete form submissions?

  4. Related to the forms topic. A few days ago, I asked about webhook development, I understand that might take some time. Is there an alternative way to connect form submissions to SenFox, like using Zapier, Make, or Active Pieces? That would be fantastic news.

Many thanks!

Hi @Yaiza

We have small issue with CSS on live website, I am working on it, will let you know once is fixed.

HI @Yaiza


This was issue, invalid background value, it was builder error, should be fixed (your site + builder).

Hi @dejan,

Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the fix.

If you have any insights on these questions, I’d love to hear them:

Thanks a lot!

Hi @dejan, just circling back on this


The text is being validated against XSS attack, so that’s why icons are not working. They might work if you use Embed tag? Since Embed tag is not validated, however you should be careful what you paste in embed tag, but for this it’s fine as it’s just simple text with icons.

Can you let me know if this works?

I’ll respond to other questions bit later.

Hi @dejan, the Embed Tag worked perfectly! Thanks!


Hello @dejan , just bumping this message. :grimacing:


I was thinking easiest way to add web hooks, but it’s just not yet time for that. It’s too much of work while we have to be focused on marketplace and creator system needs to come out soon.

Hey @dejan,

Hoping we can add webhooks soon to keep growing our email list. :grimacing:

On another note, I’ve hit another bump. While creating blogs, I’d like to split the rich text into 2 or more sections so we can include CTAs and freebies in between. But when I add a second rich text field, it appears like this (image) and I cannot edit it.

Any ideas on how to solve this?


Can you share your domain once again? I can’t keep track anymore :slight_smile:
I’ll fix it asap.

Hi @dejan, here’s the link: https://tanic.divhunt.art/collections/collection/287
Many thanks!

Is it possible to have an image that changes to another when hovered over? The use case is for star ratings:


When hovering:


Does multiple rich text’s works now?

Yes, it’s working fine now. Thanks again! :pray:

Got another question. Is this possible? :grimacing:

Screenshots :point_up_2: :point_up_2:


Why are you working during weekend? Get some rest :rofl:

Natively, no, but with custom code should be faily simple.

Set a class on that image for example: ‘image-change’.

Then add following code

$('.image-change').hover((event) => 
    // Hover In
    $(event.target).attr('src', 'https://');
(event) => 
    // Hover Out
    $(event.target).attr('src', 'https://');

You can paste this code in Embed element near that section on same page

Or if you are not sure how to implement this, give me both image links and the page link so I can add it for you.

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I was thinking the same about you! :rofl: Do you ever rest?

After a bit of poking around, I found the “class” thing, and I added the code – and it worked! The only catch is that it only changes one star at a time…

It feels a bit strange :upside_down_face: The idea was to have that typical rating where you hover and can add or remove stars. Is there a magic trick to make that happen?

If it’s not possible, I totally get it.

Yes with bit of code modification.

Can you share the page url where are those icons?

So essentially what you need to do, is to check on which number (index) hover is, and change image for that icon + all icons before.

Hey @dejan,

I have no coding experience, but I gave the information you provided to chatGPT, and it’s actually working! :nerd_face:

Thanks a bunch for your help!

The questions just keep on coming, don’t they? :sweat_smile:

I noticed that while we can have a top-level page and a subpage (level two), it seems we can’t nest another page (level three) inside the second level.

Is this how it’s supposed to work, or is there a way to create a level three page within a level two page?

Thanks for your help!


As for now, only second level nesting is possible.