Button for selecting all font variants from Google Fonts and adding fonts from the system.


I am missing two things in the add fonts option:

  1. A button that will allow you to select all font variants when adding from google fonts.

Currently, some fonts have too many variants and you have to select them all before you can add them.

You can add a button that will allow you to select all variants with one click, so you won’t have to click all options.

  1. Option to add fonts from the system.

I am missing the ability to install fonts that are not in Google Fonts, and I have them installed on windows.

It would be nice if you could install fonts from the system.


I’ve added first one.

For custom fonts you’ll have to wait bit more :slight_smile:

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This must be the fastest feature request fulfillment, well at least 50%, ±15 min :smiley:

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It’s already there and working.

Very quick reply. :smiley:

If I have to wait for fonts to be added from the system, I will.

Thank you very much :wink:


I’ll try to finish it in next few days, just we are releasing affiliate soon, so not before that.

But just to make sure, you want to be able to upload font files right?
So you create new font, set name, and upload different variants?

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I would like to upload a font file that I have on my hard drive, but it is not in google fonts.

P.S. I am waiting for the affiliate program :smiley:

What about variable Google Fonts?

The call is slightly different, but I feel like would be great to have if it supports it:

Example: this pulls in only the 200 and 700 weights.


Notice the “…” in this call – it’s a variable font and calls in all weights at once, which can then be micro-specified by the user, even something crazy like “584”!