Can I integrate into my existing app?

Does Divhunt integrate with existing apps?
I’d like to integrate a visual page builder into an app that I’ve already built for real estate, it’s a simple app that collects property data.

When a user logs into my app, I’d like to have a “Website Builder” option that opens the divhunt page builder as part of my app, is it possible to integrate Divhunt with my existing app so that my users are able to build their own websites that I host?

And can I pull in their data from my api?

Thanks in advance.


It’s not built to work like this, but let me first think before I answer.

I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

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Seems like solid no at this moment, it would require us to finish web hook functionality which we don’t have time at the moment and some other stuff.

So unless you are willing to become our enterprise customer, sadly we can’t help you with this right now.