Can't see uploaded images. Is this normal?

I made a screed recording of what happens when I upload an image. There’s no access to it after uploading. I assumed it would behave similar to worpress, but uploaded images are nowhere to be seen.


Thank you for showing us this bug, we will fix it asap! Can you tell me what size is your image, and what type (jpeg, png, webp)?

It should work exactly like you imagined it, just we never seen this bug before :confused:

Three brown wooden boat on blue lake water taken at daytime photo – Free Landscape Image on Unsplash this is the image


Issue is probably in image size, if you are trying to upload original size of this image which is more than 15MB. Try to upload medium image (1920px width). We have a limit set 2MB per image and you should have gotten an error message if you try to upload very large image. We will fix that asap.

Yes, smaller image worked! Thank you. Maybe you can add some automatic resizer to allow uploading of large images?

Amazing. Yes! We will add image compressor for sure, thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Thanks for fast response.
Can you please post a tutorial on dynamic content? Or even better when you create a new custom website with dynamic content from grounds up?

We will release CMS (dynamic content) tutorial today on our youtube channel, and then I will leave a comment here when we do!


Forgot to post tutorial here: