Changing template font in all elements at once?

Using a sample template (TechZen) and want to replace Manrope sitewide with Inter. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to do this.

I even deleted Manrope, thinking it would default back to Inter, but no.

Most of templates are developed in a way that it is possible to change colors and fonts at one place.

Hopefully the TechZen is too, so you should change the font only on global tags:

Depending where font is set, most likely it’s body, or it can be on individual global tags like h1, p, etc.

In my case it’s body, so select body tag > then switch to global body tag:


So changing font on body, change will reflect everywhere on site, unless overridden on other global tags or classes.

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Thanks @dejan! That worked beautifully. Wouldn’t have thought to check there!

Would it be possible to have any references to a font that you remove, a prompt would come up to say “replace all instances of this font with (selector of all installed fonts)”?

Similar to when you delete a user in WordPress, it asks you to assimilate their posts to some other owner, haha.


Yes, but those are small improvements that will come over time as Divhunt grows.