Checkbox in the form

I couldn’t find the answers quickly

  1. how to change the design of the active checkbox?
  2. how to make the checkbox enabled initially?
  3. how to make it possible to submit a form only with the checkbox enabled?

We are waiting for the page on forms at the academy, this is an important part of the sites.


by default it’s not possible to style checkbox, but we have one really good plugin for that. Divhunt New | Plugin
You can find tutorial on this page.

  1. You can set attirbute: checked:true


  1. You need a bit of javascript for that. First set ID to checkbox “checkbox-agree” and on button set id “submit-button”.

Next create a JS file and this is the code to use:

$(document).on('change', '#checkbox-agree', function(){
    $('#submit-button').prop('disabled', !$(this).is(':checked'));
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