Created a function to Trunk my Short Description

My website, the builder, everything is down. Please Help

If you added this code through your embed tag, you can disable all embeds so you can remove or fix your embed.

You can open your builder with:

If you dont manage to fix it, send me your website url and I will take a look

The solution didn’t work


If you have error with embed, then use ?embed=off, however for plugins use ?plugins=off and you should be able to access your website and fix your code.


If you wish to extend variable functions, use following code

    id: 'truncateDescription',
    parameters: {
        length: {type: 'INPUT', 'value': 120},
    description: 'Cut value to max length.',
    group: 'String',
    function: function(data, value, length)
        if (value.length > length) 
            return value.substring(0, length) + '...';

        return value;

I did not test the code, but should work, test it.

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Works like a charm !