Dataformat -> CMS output -> NOT Working on iOS Mobile?

How can I edit the output format of a date field in the CMS to match the European standard (DD/MM/YY) and exclude the time?

Found it!


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For reasons unknown to me, it does not work on iOS devices. iPhone with Safari and iPad with Safari or even Chrome on iPad.
On Desktop and Builder it’s perfect.

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You can also use JavaScript when you need it with ChatGPT i am sure you can achieve anything you need.

For example in this case

would be something like

return new Date(${value->get('datum')}).getMonth()

So if you use first keyword “return” it let’s you run the JavaScript code, and using the variable system ${variable} you can inject dynamically values inside JavaScript code.

So you can do also like

return 20 * 10 + 5

or similar

For the date issue, I’ve added it to todo, will fix it as soon as I can

Thanks! I will try that.
It would be great to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, since the website is already online and the client isn’t too happy about the issue. It’s a bit hard to explain why it works on desktop but not on mobile… :expressionless: