Default Classes Configurations for Each Section

Is there an option to make a default configuration of classes for each part such as class for heading, class for photos, class for paragraphs, etc.?

I ask this because right now, I need to create a new class and then I need to assign each part to the new class one by one, and for a big website, it can take time.

You can apply styles directly to the class. And then when you add class to specific tag, that tag will inherit styles from the class.

Please check a video below:

Hi @Pakic

I know this video and I am working according to it but my question is if it is possible to assign parameters to groups in class mode?

If I have a big section and I want to add all paragraphs to a specific Class, it can take a long time.

Can we make group classes so it can make changes without adding each paragraph to the class manually?

I couldn’t see this option in the tutorial.

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There is no such options, you either can edit global paragraph tag which will impact all paragraphs on a website, or you can create a class with specific styles which you will apply to certain paragraphs. You can’t bulk add class or edit tags currently.

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Is it possible in CSS coding to do that or this option is not possible at all?

This use of child selector might help you:

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Yes!!! It is exactly what I was looking for!

The problem is that it does not change the parameters outside the global child inside the parent div which can be very confusing like that.

Is there a possibility to assign parameters in the global selector that will affect the parameters outside of it on the real div parts that have the effect?

On Classes, it updates the parameters inside the div.