Delete item/image as shown

Hello everyone, I want to get rid of second item (item no. 2) highlighted in picture. How do I delete it? How do I copy one style to another without duplicating? Thanks.

You are using loop feature in this case, idea of loop items is to follow same structure and to look the same. But you can hide things for a specific loop item, heres how:

Select an image in layers, and make sure loop item 2 is selected in this case, just like I selected number 3 on image below, you can see what loop is selected on top right when you go to the settings tab. Then click plus that I rounded with red on my image and select visibility.

After you do that, you can just click hide, and that will hide only that image without impacting any other loop item.


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Hello Pakic,

Thank you so much! That works. I have four more questions:

  1. The text I loop to have an animation making the sections under it goes up and down since it disappeared and reappears, how do I make the sections below it not moving?
    The settings I am using:

    On frontend displays : Video

  2. On my button I have written two languages, so I want to make the one in English as Italic while the other one as normal. How to do that?
    It supposed to show like this: My Language / English

  3. How to configure the timer settings?

  4. Is my website editable once published?

Thanks. I appreciate your soonest reply. I need to configure this today. :grin:

Hey Mazz, sorry for late reply, but I think we are in very different timezones :slight_smile:

  1. One simple solution is to set fixed height on typed element. For example if your text height is 100px, set height property to 100px.

  2. So you have a button, and inside of your button you can have 2 spans. And you can edit each span independetly.

  1. Here’s a tutorial if you meant countdown plugin:
    Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

  2. Of course. While you editing your website, you are the only one who sees changes when you visit it in same browser. Other people don’t see your changes until you hit publish.