Edit in builder is not converting to the actual site

I have an issue with
the component - footer


Please allow us some time to investigate.

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sure , no worries :smiley:

I want to mention that I uninstalled some plugins and after I installed the back.

Some other areas of the website is bugged too…

Hi, all should be good on your side now. We have a small bug when you click to set background image, and decide not to, we write in CSS “background:url()” , and CSS gets broken on live website.

I removed all the instances where this happened on your website, and I will go and fix this bug not to happen to anyone else in future :slight_smile:

P.S. I see you are working with all of your pages pined, keep in mind that depedning on your PC, builder might start to lag when this many pages are opened.
When you right click on a page, you can unpin it when you are done working on that page.


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thank you so much :smiley: for the bug fix and for the advice