Embed iframe Video Difficulties


I would like to embed my video with the code that I get from my CDN, which is an iframe embed. I also would like to have a border radius giving my video rounded corners and a thin solid border around my video (the border follows the radius, not a square border sticking out from rounded edges). What is the intended and easiest way to achieve that within Divhunt?

I have seen the question about embedding a youtube video, and I am getting a similar embed code, but I think some things may have changed in Divhunt from when that question was answered because I see different options and buttons, and overall did not have success with my attempt to embed the video.

I also get a blank page when I try to view my handiwork.
The page I am working on

Please view this short screen recording where you can see everything:
Screen recording iframe video attempt


Here’s an explanation, that tutorial that you have been following still work, just now to add iframe, you need to find it with use of search by clicking “CTRL + E” or “CTRL + K”

And for the white screen issue, we are currently investigating what could possibly cause that, and I will let you know soon.

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Hi @nextlevelbros

You’ve created a JavaScript files and added CSS inside, that’s causing the error. Convert files to CSS type as following:

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Thanks a lot for both replies, gotcha. Making a lot of noob mistakes here.

I had seen I could create files but did not get so far to realize I needed to specify the type in the way that you are showing.

I was going to try and find out more about that functionality by watching more videos on youtube, I don’t want to abuse your willingness to help here. But now that we are talking about it I do have the question: how do you specify async and defer for the loading of the javascript?