Feedback on testing the build

Hey, it took me approx. 3 hours to rebuild the site (not finished, but for testing purposes, it was enough to test the builder). Bringing few things to the game after playing around. Hope it will helps somehow. PS: I’ll be happy to help with testing new features etc. seems to me a very promising tool.

Suggestions on improvements after rebuilding

  • Components should be fit to content right now even a small header component has so much blank space
  • Shortcut for changing breakpoints?
  • Drag and drop items inside canvas (like Figma Auto Layout)
  • Drag and drop (free move) of projects. For sorting etc.
  • Design out of project, right on canvas (for taking notes etc).
  • It will be great once you create a class on the element to have the class active instead of tag.
  • Ability to send emails once the form is created (and have ability to set-up the emails of the receivers)
  • Checkbox should have it’s own global class
  • Abillity to add custom fonts
  • Copy - paste styles shortcut
  • Ability to easily jump to edit main component (something like Adobe XD - Shorcut to Edit main component)
  • Ability to set-up the page as draft (do not publish it until is ready, but be able to work on it).
  • Some kind of version system (staging)? Basically you have a version of site which is fine, but need to develop a lot of new things which are complex and goes throw the site. So you will make a new version for this.
  • Sections for Canvas. Something like Figma, which will allows you to structurize the pages a bit on Canvas).


  • Weird CSS behavior, sometimes I refresh project and lost some styles (not the CSS class, but the styles inside)
  • Form Inputs has some weird issue with font sizes. Inputs 2 rem is not the same as textarea 2 rem
  • Once I click menu on the anchor point it’s hide the clicked element on sticky item?
  • Multiple components on the page are not working (reported)
  • Multilanguage is not working (says it’s Under meintenance right now)
  • Rotation of items has a very weird behavior on breakpoints. Needed to ratate and make smaller image on tablet but it’s not working
  • Webp format is not previewing in File Uploader
  • Button hover color issue “A posuty dalsich” button should have the dark color on hover
  • Accesibility issue with label forms? Not sure how to connect label within the field

Built page: | Homepage (

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Hi petrbilek,

Thank you for this amazing feedback!

We will try to cover everything you said as soon as possible!

Just check it, if you will find out something what might helps your tool in your workflow :slight_smile:


Additional feature request to the CMS:

  • Ability to paginate items
  • Ability to search and filter item on page // on web
  • Ability to nested collections
  • Add a multiple image field to be able to create galleries

Additional request:

  • Ability to copy paste between projects.

Ok found out I already can using json. :slight_smile:

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