Filter AND: limitations?

The video tutorial on simple filtering demonstrates several buttons that operate as OR filters - ‘kitchen’, ‘bathroom’ etc - and one which is ANDed with the current filter - ‘modern’. Can this technique be extended?
To be clear, I’m interested in these steps:

  1. could you add another option, eg ‘traditional’, to the ‘modern’ paragraph so that the user could choose ‘kitchen’ AND ‘modern’ or choose ‘kitchen’ AND ‘traditional’?
  2. could you add a third filter - let’s say ‘cheap’ OR ‘luxury’ - so that the user could choose ‘kitchen’ AND ‘modern’ AND ‘cheap’?
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Hello Loosheadpop, Please have another look at the video; they actually do that but in two separate buttons for now

Thanks zepinex. I guess my questions were not clear enough.

The video shows one paragraph in the items that stores the room type - kitchen, bathroom - and then the addition of a second paragraph that stores just the one style - modern. I am asking if this technique will work with multiple styles in the second paragraph, activated by multiple buttons. And secondly whether further paragraphs can be added, with more buttons, so that the user can make multiple selections that get ANDed together.

I could of course just try these techniques, but I thought I would see if anyone had the answers.

A further question would be: can the buttons be replaced by drop-down selection controls, to allow more choices in a small space?


Currently that plugin is supporting only 1 selection at the time. We will improve functionality with time. Only way to do what you are trying now is through custom JS or if you find some library capable of this, so you can embed a code.