Hamburger Menu - "Show" Option Not Disabling

Curious if there are any hamburger menu bugs still being worked out? After following the YouTube tutorial, I was able to get everything setup and styled for a menu that I want to use across several sites.

After using the “Show” option in the plugin menu to style my mobile menu, I disabled it after finishing but it appears to be remaining active. Have tried reloading the builder and also uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin due to a previous issue another user mentioned about the main menu disappearing after resizing back up to full width.

If the viewport shrinks the menu automatically pops up below the icon but the hamburger icon remains in the inactive state. I can click the icon and it transforms from active to inactive, but the flex menu doesn’t respond to this.

Hamburger is working as expected. Just when you are finished with editing of your menu on mobile version, you should set display to be none. I did it for you now, and it is working as expected

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Thanks for that. I’ll see what selector you applied the display: none option to for future reference.