Hi , how I can Index my site?

Hi there which method should I use to verify my site with google, so it will appear in search results ? and how should I proceed ?

This isn’t really a Divhunt problem. They’re a small team, let’s let them focus on developing their product and not distract them with these types of low level support issues.

You can verify GSC via any of the following options:

Option #1: HTML file upload

Upload the attached HTML file to the root directory of their website.

Option #2: HTML tag

Insert the meta tag provided by into the section, before the first section of your website’s homepage.

Option #3: Associate a DNS record with Google Search Console

Create a TXT record containing the value provided by search console.

Additional documentation for completing any of the three options above is available here. Be sure to submit your sitemap in the GSC settings once you verify your property.

  1. is a forum
    2.i pay for this saas service
    3.i just asked a question , is nothing wrong with this.
    4.doesn’t matter low level or high level question is still a support issue.

I read this information before asking and I understand it , but I don’t really know where I can upload the html file. > ok to the root directory , but where is that in divhunt?

so don’t reply me like this again.

it’s a forum where if you have a question , you can ask. this is how communities evolve.
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It’s not possible to upload any file into root directory yet, not until workflow comes. So for now your options are either to include Google verification tag in in Admin > Custom Code or use DNS txt configuration.

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thank you @dejan really appreciate :smiley:

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@KAdrian as they say, no point in reasoning with those who can’t be reasoned with.


Thanks for helping out and explaining to @KAdrian how to verify site at Google. Please keep in mind that even if his question is not related strictly to Divhunt itself, that should not prevent him from asking the question, we are here all the help as you already helped him.

But I understand your point fully, we just want to encourage everyone to be active and to feel free to ask any type of questions as long as it’s related somehow with Divhunt. Hopefully that’s okay with you.