Hover on button

Hello testing the tool and find out the bug on hover element. The item button text on hover should be white.

PS: In designer it works good.

Veralabajova.cz | Homepage (divhunt.art)

Hey @petrbilek, can you please send me a short video or screenshots of your element setup? (With hover state selected) Maybe I can help you. We tested this feature, and it looks like it works properly.

Hey @petrbilek, actually, it is a bug, sorry. Somehow, the name of a color variable was set as a color value, and it got conflicted there.

Can you please explain what you did exactly so we can understand what is causing this bug?

We fixed your case, it should work properly now on your website, and we will try to investigate this as soon as possible.

BTW, very nice font family, I like it very much. :smiley:

Great, now it works smoothly. Thank you :slight_smile:

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