How do I link to external site

Hello, in the link section of settings, when I put a url “”, in the preview mode it shows that the url is actually (for example)
It is added onto existing site, not linking to external.
How do I link to external please.

Thank you

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Hey @michelle

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to do it:

Step 1

Call a Link Button tag

Step 2

Go to the settings tab and select the “URL” Option inside the Link Settings

Step 3

Paste the external URL

You can choose whether you want to open the link in the same tab or in a new tab when the link is clicked.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else!

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Thank you very much!


Have you tried adding https://www
It’s just how browser works, if you don’t pass https:// at start, it won’t act as outside link.

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Thank you Dejan that was it. Putting https:// worked, it didn’t even need www.

I thought link button was different from link or something, but it was omitting https:// that was the issue.

Also, potential bug or request:

When I add a link to the URL under settings of the link button, if I click on Page under Type, when I go back to type URL, the link I added is gone.
Can we keep the link saved there?

Hey! I think if you click “Page” it means you want to navigate to a page on your own Divhunt site (which is why you get a dropdown of your site’s pages). If you click the second one (“url”) it will let you paste your link, and it should keep it there.

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Hi chelce, thank you, yes that’s why I think it’s a bug because when I click back from the type page (I didn’t select any specific page), the link is lost in type url

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It’s not a bug, it’s just expected behaviour.
Because if we don’t remove the settings you chose, then it will remain active and could result in conflicts.

So you shouldn’t switch those tabs once you have configured everything you need.

@dejan I see, thanks!

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