How to embed animation?

Hey guys, I’m trying to embed this animation on the main home page, the animation should be contained in a section or a div. How can it be done?


Have you tried it with Embed element?

Yes i did, but embeds the whole “Pen” as shown above, I’m trying to embed only the animation.

I don’t think that’s possible with CodePen.

You would need to integrate all the libraries for that animation, and copy paste the html, css & js and so on.

Seems like bit of work.

We are planning to integrated particles.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles, so if you having trouble integrating on your own, might be good idea to wait for this plugin.

Here is a video showing the simple integration in Wix, the only issue that when I the to place the “style” code in the “header” custom code the webpage cannot scroll down anymore.

I am still not sure if this is gonna work, he also said in the video not all CodePens will work, but try to follow tutorial and send me then your domain and the place where you put the embed code so I can take quick look and see if is possible to do something.

I’ve tried to implement it here AI Zona | codepen


The javascript code you have copied is not vanilla javascript, so it can’t work.

It shows error in console, it’s not possible to run it like that.