I Broke the CSS?

Hello DH Team,

I seem to have broken the CSS for the site I am building - https://retoolkit.io/.

Can you please help me troubleshoot and fix it? looks like any changes that I apply are not being reflected on the site.

I see this issue has been reported several times. Maybe a short-term fix is to give us a button to regenerate all styles?

I’ve fixed it, its all good now

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Thank you @Pakic! I appreciate it!

Out of curiosity, would it have been possible for me to fix it? It’s way better for everyone if you guys are working on features/permanent fixes and not this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

I would much rather have fixed it myself and free you to do more impactful things.

Please let me know.


And it looks like I managed to break it again! :frowning:

Fixed it, it happens if you copy paste linear gradient or something from figma. I am not 100% sure when it happens. We are working on new version of builder, we will release it soon, so in future it will not happen, but now it happens on some websites.
In this case, on this tab button, it generated that broken css for linear-gradient and it breaks live website.

Got it! I will check the generated CSS if it happens again so hopefully I can fix it on my own.

I didn’t copy any gradients though, so the root of the issue may be different. Hopefully the new builder sidesteps all of that :grinning:

Thanks again!