Megamenu with images

Can we do mega menu like in webflow example: (services)

Yes, but its not that easy honestly. Mega menu of our website was done with zero custom-code.

We will release couple of mega-menu sections, so you can just drag & drop them to your website and change content.

We will also release some tutorials on youtube for that for people who want to create it from scratch.

Hey @Pakic

What are the chances for me to use these with Divhunt?

Pines - An Alpine and Tailwind UI Library (
Shuffle — An online editor for busy developers


Edit: Because while we wait for Divhunt team to release these sections, we can use this ones instead?

Anyone from the team would like to chime in?


Stefan’s on vacation.

Could you build the mega menu as component (not placed inside navbar) and once you finish it, I’ll show you how to make it work on navbar?


That sounds great! Will do that and let you know. But, can you clarify if I can use Pines or Shuffle exported codes? Thanks.


You can’t import HTML with just pasting, you’ll have to re-create it in Divhunt as for now.


Maybe if you paste the code in Embed tag, but then you lose builder capabilities for that section :slight_smile: