Multi-lingual and components

for, I’m using components for the menu. (Navbar-top)
I’m trying to add the current language flag using the builder’s language switch to setup the flag associated to the language.
The problem is that for components, the change is global and not tied to the language which is strange because it’s working for Link’s texts.


I can’t quite figure out what you need exactly, can you share some screenshots of what’s wrong?

@dejan , sorry. Let’s be clearer :

  1. I’ve got a Navbar-top component with a menu where I’ve changed the text for each language (FR EN DE). Here is the screenshot of the french version.

  2. it works well. So now I want to add a flag image. In the screenshot above you see that I’ve added the one for the FR version of the component.
    Now when I’m selecting the EN language and change the image to the UK flag, it will change the image for all languages version of the component. This is not happening for the menu texts.
    See here after the change for EN and the consequence for other languages :

Coming back to FR :

@dejan any idea on what i do wrong or don’t understand ?


Sorry for late answer, will check out soon and let you know.

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@dejan : let me know if there’s low chance you get time for this. I’ll do this another way.


I apologize for the delay.

The issue here is that you can only change the text (content) of tags for multiple languages, you can’t change images (attributes).

So in your situation, you could use embed tag for example, as embed tag content (HTML) is treated as text, so it should work on all languages differently.

Inside embed, you should include HTML of icons for example and then repeat same process for all 3 languages.

Let me know if this fixes your problem.