Page lost when creating new page

I have lost an entire page that we’ve been working on for a long time when we created a new page. I’ve tried pressing undo but nothing happens. I’ve tried logging out and coming in again and still lost. How can I restore it and are we sure we can continue to make a new page without fearing losing work?

Hey @Chikara !

@dejan shared an answer to a smilar question at Is it possible to recover a version in divhunt? - #8 by dejan

If you feel brave (please be careful and heed the warnings in the post!), you can try following the instructions there.

Alternatively, please share the URL for your site and the name of the page you lost, as the fine folks at Divhunt will need that to troubleshoot the issue.

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Hey @Chikara, do you mean lost, like there’s no such page in the list of pages (Left sidebar)?

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