Publishing Failures / Very Slow Publishing

In the past weeks I am experiencing a huge slowdown in publishing speeds and frequent publishing failures compared to when I first started using Divhunt. It seems to be getting worse for me as time passes. The fast publishing speed was one of the things I loved about Divhunt in the beginning.

See video examples of what has become the typical experience for me:

It is very hard to make progress with a website when I cannot publish as needed and it takes multiple very slow attempts to successfuly publish to see how things are on the frontend.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


We are aware of this issue, there are a lot of websites built with Divhunt, and we are handling a lot of requests now.

We are working on scaling our infrastructure, so this problem will be solved soon.

However, I believe that you are looking at this problem at wrong angle, it should not prevent you from progressing, as publishing your website should not be a action that happens every minute or so, there’s live preview feature for that, you don’t need to publish website in order to see your changes in real time - you publish only when you finished all with updating.


I understand about the scaling of infrastructure, I am glad more people are joining Divhunt for the long term viability. It is a bit frustrating at the moment though, today I can barely publish, but OK. Growing pains are expected, you are a new platform, and that is also why I am giving a lot of feedback on what I am experiencing.

About the live preview, where is that? I dont’ see a button for that… Do you mean just the view we see in the builder? Because I cannot see everything I need to see in there, for example I am using Owl carousel and custom lightbox which is Javascript and the functionality does not work in the builder. There is some more custom Javascript stuff on my page, so when I am working on that I need to publish.

Since I have also been running into a few bugs where what I see in the builder is not reflected on the frontend, I feel like constantly need to check that the actual published site corresponds to what I think I am doing on in the builder. I am not so confident with CSS and Javascript to just power ahead without seeing the real published website.

Another things is that I need to test how the responsive design looks in more resolutions than those of my breakpoints. Things wrap and behave unexpectedly in certain resolutions. I also often test the mobile appearance on my actual mobile phone and other ‘real’ mobile devices as opposed to a web browsers device resolution emulation (I use that too, I do both). When I am working on the mobile design, I constantly check on my phone how it looks.

So just what I see in the builder does not cover my needs for visual feedback for what I am doing in many cases, so I find myself publishing constantly.


If you open the live website, you’ll see always the latest changes you’ve made instantly. That’s the live preview feature, meaning that, you as the admin of website (and logged in, which you should be as you can access builder), you can always see latest changes without the need of publishing your website.

So try that, do some changes and open your website in same browser (not incognito), and you’ll see these changes, so in this way, you can progress much faster, which was the idea of live preview feature anyway.

This also applies for custom code, javascript, and everything, you can work much faster with live preview.

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Aha I see… well I have not been able to use that live preview function at all for the last weeks because for some reason my site displays as if there is no CSS styling whatsoever when I try to view it in a browser where I am also logged into the builder. I can only view my site in ingognito mode. When I first started working on my site, live preview was working, but after some point it stopped working for me and I have been using ingognito mode ever since.

I have tried deleting cache and cookies and in a new browser profile, you can see me doing that here in this screen recording below, but I still see a huge mess when I try the ‘live preview’ function:

Divhunt Live Preview Issue

Not sure what the problem might be that is causing this, but for now I am stuck with publishing, unless you have another tip for me to solve this previewing issue.



This was the reason why live preview didn’t work :slight_smile: You had an extra } in your custom CSS code, so the entire CSS file broke.

I’ve fixed it for you.

In live preview, CSS isn’t being processed so it can break if you provide invalid css.

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Dang it I should have thought of that… It is tricky when you do not get a visible error and everything looks and works perfect (in igognito mode at least) to realize that you have a CSS error. Those brackets are often the guilty ones :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks for checking that though, even though that should not be your job, it is my job, but you guys have always been much more helpful than your average support.

I often put my code into here to check for errors, but sometimes I forget to do it. It is an autoprefixer but also checks for syntax errors.


No problem, actually our editor shows the error on the right side (scrollbar) you will see the red color if is error, but we will soon show you a popup after you are trying to save that you have errors.

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That is a great feature, another thing I had not noticed yet, maybe it’s new, but yeah very cool, that will help a lot in the future :+1:


There are some issues with the CDN and uploading assets, that’s why the publishing is slow. We are working on a fix, it’s not the server infrastructure load issue after all :smiley:

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Thanks for that info, I did see some bunny cdn errors in the console. I hope that is easier (and cheaper/free) to fix than server load, good luck with that :muscle: