Rendition of "odd" characters (Swedish) in slugs.

Is it deliberate to remove odd characters instead of changing them in slugs?
In Swedish (and many other languages), we use these weird dots above O and A (å, ä, ö). Divhunt renders those in slug as "-" meaning the slug gets really complicated to read:

I can change it manually to vi-soker-mobler - not a problem really, but it should render the “correct” character (just remove the dots) as most other apps do.

I understand that this would have a pretty big impact on back compatibility for published sites, and I don’t know if it’s even doable from that point of view.

It would be a good thing to implement for all kinds of reasons: readability, maybe SEO, and mostly: non-tech users and content creators may not understand the impact and why this needs to be changed manually.

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Thanks for reporting issues.

I’ve implemented a fix for this one, should be good now.

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