Ronaldo menu doesn't work on responsive modes (tested on 2 websites)


I have tested it on 2 websites and it’s the same.

Only black screen.

Is that a bug?

You need to install Swiper Plugin. Let me know if that works after

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It works.

Will be great to have a small popup on the elements for plugin requirements after choosing the element.

The text is not visible.

How to fix that?

That’s a bug. On text wrapper there is probably class “dh-form-success” applied, you need to remove that class, and instead of that class add class “card-content”

Thanks a lot!

Another idea is to have a section in the forum for bugs /bug fixes and the solution for the bugs.

there we can search the keywords such as Ronaldo and there will be the bugs and the solutions.

Maybe it will be easier for the customers and for you to find the solutions instead of searching in the forum or asking you about it.

Like a database of bugs.

I can help you with that.

Maybe you have a better idea?

Just to make sure I understand.

In ANY div that has the class: dh-form-success by default, it is necessary to delete it?

Yeap :slight_smile: That class exists and it should be used for form success state, but when you see it anywhere else other than in form. You should delete it.

And we will work on improving forum as well, we have some ideas, thanks for suggestion!

Do you write down all the bugs that we discover?

I am wondering what is the best way for you to have records of the bug list

I will make a file of all the bugs I discover.

Will send you it later to make sure you know all the bugs.

We keep the list of bugs, so everything you report, we are adding it to the list. :slight_smile: So there’s no need for you to keep track of it, but I appriciate your effort! :slight_smile:

This is also for me for easy access

otherwise, it will take me a long time to search the history in the forum.