Strapi collection -> use "?populate=deep"

So let’s start here. I want to display a list of jobs with their company’s name, and that company’s logo. Jobs has a many-to-one relationship to company. And, Company Logo (company.logo) is a media type which lives as a one-to-one relation in Strapi.

So my relationships go Jobs → Company → Logo. I have a list of Jobs, and can get their Company info, but I can’t go one more layer down to the company’s logo.

My first assumption was that if I put “company,company.logo” under the Populate field in Divhunt’s iterable source that it would return the result I’m looking for, like in the Postman screenshot above. But it isn’t coming up.

Does that make more sense?

Yes I see. Would you share your domain name so I can check.


Fixed. Now there’s option to manually set “populate” property with any value, which solves all the issues above.

OK, there is no way to use populate and look nested levels down when doing an individual entry page. In my case, I want to include some of the company data on an individual job page.

Is it possible to fix that?