Template previews don't work

Hi, I’ve attached a screenshot of what I see when trying to preview a template, ot’s been like that for days.
Using macbook m1, chrome


Hi @mr_knopfler

Thank you very much for reporting this. We were too much focused on new marketplace which is coming soon that we haven’t even noticed the old one.

But as I can see, it affected only preview, everything else works fine.
Thanks again, we won’t be probably fixing this as new marketplace is coming soon.

No worries, only bad thing is that the builder library doesn’t have a preview or url to see the element “fullscreen” and is a bit hard to know which element to use. What I’ve done is pasting all the elements I think would look ok on the page, check the website, delete all the one I don’t like…don’t know if it’s the best method though

Hi @mr_knopfler

What about from builder sidebar preview? You can see images and just drag & drop, it’s much easier than copy and paste from marketplace.

Those are same elements.

Maybe on a bigger screen they look ok, but in mine are very small (macbook 13")