Theme coversion is available?


I am a new beginner of webbuilder. Please let me ask a basic question.
at an early stage, I see Divhunt provides only a few themes.
Is the conversion of a free theme for WordPress into one for Divhunt technologically possible? if possible, I think it will be of great help to every user.

Thanks for your opinion in advance

Technologically it is impossible to convert it somehow easily, but surely you can rebuild it step by step.


As you said, we are in early stage, so we don’t offer many templates, but we have many amazing plans for future, so our marketplace will grow a lot with time!

And to answer your question, it is not possible to convert WordPress theme to Divhunt, you would need to create it manually or if you are willing to hire someone to do that for you, we can recommend you few Divhunt experts.

Thanks for your reply, Pakic

I hope we have more themes in the near future.

I see how difficult its conversion would be. Well. If I hire someone to make it, I think It cost me a lot. in consideration that it is a free theme on the WordPress platform, Economically, it does not make sense.

please make more templates for bloggers soon or upload the tutorial videos about how to create it manually.