Video YouTube problem


on the website - I have a problem with a video from the youtube platform.

I added it via a plugin that is dedicated to yt videos, but the video does not display or open.

Please help.



I fixed your video. Issue was that you should apply transform youtube embed on an empty DIV, not on video tag. I know it doesnt make much sense, but thats just how it works.

We will create a proper tutorial soon.


Great, thanks for your help.

I have one more question.

I wanted to round the shape of the video by 10 pixels, but on the published page the video is still a rectangle with sharp corners. Can it be done?

Set border radius 10px, and overflow hidden on div which is holding video

Great, thanks!


Hi @Pakic
Sorry for being so dumb, Iā€™m still struggling to get the YT plugin working on the homepage of
Any pointer on a video or doc ?