What is the ideal way to move the button down?


I am not sure what is the right way if I want to lower the button.

What is the better way?

  1. To use the padding/margins of the button
  2. To use the relative position and lowering with px
  3. To size the div height to have more space and In the display to set flex and space between-space around option

Using fixed width or height is in many cases not a good idea.

It’s a good idea only when you know that the box where you are applying the height and width will always remain the same width & height.

In this case it wont, because there is text, which will adjust itself on lower resolution.

So what you can do in this case to make the button lower is to use margin.

Margin Top in this case>

You are using margin when you want to make space outside the element, and padding when you want inside the element. So here you need margin.

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Please watch this one if you haven’t already:

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