White website after i publishing in Google with ".com"

First i am not a coder. I use Site Guru to fine tune my website after i published it successfully in the Internet. Anyway yesterday i did something and it went white in the Internet. Yes i can open it in the DIV HUNT Site builder.
Is there a simple way to correct it?

Thank you in advance!

Greetings Mika

Ok. Even i press on publish internally in DIV HUNT it went white.

I copied my broken site in DIVHUNT in order to maybe refresh it but it said : Failed to fetch. Fatal error. Please check console for more information and reach out to support.



Please share your domain name so we can check asap.

plentystreams.com is the name of the game.


Everything works fine :slight_smile:

The only issue is the wrong route on your homepage, the homepage route should be only /
I’ve update it for you, works now.

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The little things in life…tiny but lifesaving! Thank you very much.