2 new elements - in 1 element there is sizing option and in the other it diesn't have

Hi guys

Please help me to understand it.

I have opened 2 new elements and only in 1 of them there is the sizing option that I can change the photo size with.

Why in the other element the size feature is missing?

Do you have set the flexbox option on the section 2? Seems to be missing. Once you turn it on, you should see the size flex behavior on the image element.

Sorry, Iā€™m still not familiar with your terms.
Where is this flexbox option and how do I enable it and on which tag/div/object?

This video might help you understand flex better

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This is a very important tutorial thanks!

The problem is that the element is by default set to grid and when I change the parent tag to Flex it removes the photo.

How can I fix it when changing to Flex?

Yes, because photo was positioned absolute, and it requires parent div to have a height and width, when it was in grid, that was set by default. If you switch to flex, that div which is wrapper of an image will become 0px width, because image was set on absolute.

What you can do is to set image to be position static, and see if you got desired effect.