4-way and 2-way padding/margin toggles

It would really speed up my workflow for the center of this tool (yellow arrow) or the current “auto margins” button (white arrow) to act as a “universal” padding/margin point.

Screenshot 2023-08-18 221836

You would click that button (or maybe even click the words “Padding” or “Margin” themselves?), and a modal would pop up very much like the Box Shadow modal, with options to edit all four values in one place, or to set ALL values to the same value, or set top/bottom and left/right values to equally mirror each other. Maybe “mirror” is a better term?

I think this would be a massive time-saver for those of us that are more used to fine-coding than drag-to-sizing!



I also need this

We will see what we can do, just to think of some good UI UX solution. Thanks for suggestion


+1 for this feature. Click and drag with modifier is fiddly for me, very hard to get an exact pixel value.