a way to copy and paste pages and objects from different pages

I dont think its currently a thing but would love to be able to copy paste pages like blog page or something so that its easier to use, and also copy and paste objects from another page to reuse would be amazing

Hey @JiaEn, you can do this already. If you want to duplicate certain elements from the same project but on a different page, you can simply copy the element and paste it where you want. (On Mac, the shortcut for this is a Control + C, we will switch it to CMD in the future).

If you want to copy certain elements into a different project, you can open both projects, right-click on the element > copy > Object (JSON), then go to another project, call a JSON Tag from the tags menu on top, and just hit paste.

Regarding copying the whole page, currently, you would need to wrap the whole page inside one div and then copy/paste it, but we will introduce an easier method for that as well.

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