Ability to Export CMS and Backend in wexport

It would be amazingly great if we could export the cms including the backend inside the wexport.
CMS and backend will be working if we send the whole exported website’s folder to the client or host on any hosting.


How then are we gonna keep the people using Divhunt? :sweat_smile:

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Maybe you can ask to get Divhunt source code too :smiley: hahaha sorry it’s just funny

There’s something we can do for sure, for example we can export the CMS items in JSON files included with website export.

Then your website will continue showing for example blogs and blog single pages as static pages, but with some limitations and limited filtering and no back-end for modifying content, unless you build one.

I believe this is the best we can do with the WExport app, except to add more options to export to for example react components, etc.

The next step would be making Divhunt open source and then allowing you to host elsewhere (might happen, who knows), but is there a point for that? I mean just hosting would cost you more than Divhunt subscription :smiley: + you’ll have to set up so many things including multi-regional support, data replication, global CDN and stuff like that.

You already have full freedom, you can export HTML for example and import to Wordpress, Framer, Webflow, you can export all CMS items and import automatically to Wordpress.

So realistically, the website could be moved from Divhunt to another platform in a day or so.

Thank you so much for the detailed answer. You people are doing such a great job and providing a beautiful and amazing product.