Accordion Border Radius in Active State Not Behaving As Expected

I noticed that when I try to set the border radius of the top element in the accordion in its active state, that the settings in the design panel are not reflected in what you see in the viewport or live site.

Please viiew the video below… I think it might be a bug or otherwise something I am doing wrong, please advise, thanks.

DivHunt Accordion Border Radius Issue

I solved this problem by styling the outer Accordion div with a border rather than the Top div and Bottom div seperately and trying to get the border to change appearance in the active state.

I also realized how to better target child elements in my accodion for hover and active state by giving them a class name and then targeting ‘Children with class’.

So it was not a bug after all that was causing my styles not to apply, I was targeting child divs incorrectly. Case closed.

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