Adding custom cursor on a webpage

Need help on how to add a custom cursor for my webpage? please anyone help me out.


  1. Upload the cursors to Divhunt Assets
  2. Copy URL of those cursors from Divhunt Assets
  3. Select Global Body tag and insert
    cursor:url(β€˜’), auto;
  4. Select Global A tag if you want to have different cursor for links
    cursor:url(β€˜’), auto;

I tried but it won’t work
The Cursor Size: around 44px
even it appears on the cursor selection option but still not working on screen




Anyone is here please help meπŸ™ how would a use custom cursor in my website properly like framer or webflow?

Please could you explain the issue. Why this css is not working

Most likely because you are using ’ instead of '

cursor:url(' 1'), auto;
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Thanks a lot, it works. actually, I have no idea about coding.