Adding HTML tags in Content field

Is there a way to segment a Header element in the builder Content field box?

For instance, if I had a title, " This is my great title, right?"
How can I change the style of one word or part of the title? Something like having the “right?” in another color or bolded, etc.

When I try adding HTML into the Content Field Box, it displays the HTML rather than applying it. Of course, I could be missing something super simple. :crazy_face:


Hey, here’s a good tutorial that can give you an idea for that:

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Thank you for your help. This is a good tutorial!

Why did DivHunt choose to use Marked Text as an option instead of creating a new style? I’m trying to understand why this is a one-off tag selection. It seems as if you could apply a specific style to text or tag and achieve the same, correct?