Adding Pagination to CMS


I am currently adding in a Blog system to my website, and have managed to implement all basic features however I am stuck on adding in Pagination.

I’ve searched the forums & YouTube videos but unfortunately haven’t found the answers I’m looking for.

To be specific, I am looking for a way to dynamically grab the amount of pages (e.g my ‘limit’ is set to 9, so the amount of pages based on that) and then how to make the page links/buttons affect the ‘page’ setting within the ‘Source’ settings.

I am wondering if there was a guide or even a code example I could look at.

Thank you.

Hi @KingPoppa

For now only solution would be to use PaginationJS plugin, it’s front-end pagination but it can do job.

So you need MAIN DIV (Set transform on it) and 2 Children DIV’s (first one where you put all blogs) and second one (leave empty - it will inject pagination).

And from source, set higher limit like 200-300.

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Here’s a video tutorial of what Dejan is talking about:

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Thanks, this is great and really easy to implement.

I noticed it doesn’t work perfectly when using Simple Filter as well (the pages still show as 1/2 even though the filter only returns one blog post) but it is good enough for now.

Thanks again.


It’s not meant to work in combination with Simple Filter. That advanced system will come natively with CMS updates in near future.

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@pakic How near in the future will it be? :nerd_face:

Pagination is broken since yesterday.

Any ETA on a possible fix?

@haenirr hey, can you give me your website so I can check what went wrong?

yeah sure, its