Affiliates to Divhunt

Hi there, are you going to enable affiliates to your product? I mean letting others selling your services for a commission ? :smiley:

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Hi @KAdrian

Yes! Coming in next few weeks :slight_smile: Be ready :slight_smile:


I noticed there’s an affiliate page now, but when I click to sign up it just takes me into my account and doesn’t give me the option to generate a code.


We are preparing everything, will come soon :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity it looks like from the affiliate sign up page that there may be second tier referral payouts, is that correct?

Hi @Nick

Yes it starts as 50% base, then as better conversion rate you have, the more you earn.

There are 2 types of conversion rates:

  • Sign-ups based on total visits
  • Purchases based on Sign-ups

So in this way, those who promotes Divhunt in proper way and get better conversion rate will be rewarded more (up to 20% more).

I can’t tell you exactly how the % will increase, at least not until we gather some data firstly for week or two.

We are looking to release affiliate in next few days.

That’s a great concept, and I can appreciate you needing to get data before committing to the rules for the %s.