Agency pack - Seperate login for each website for the customers

I’m considering buying another pack of agency and I wonder if it is possible to have separate logins for each website for the customers?
Otherwise, the only solution is for the customers to buy a plan separately right?

I believe this would be solved by the “teams” functionality that they’re currently working on. You’d be the super admin on the site, but you could add them to individual projects (sites).

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@Nick @Stolichnaya

We already have one basic feature that lets you do this.

Inside the Divhunt dashboard > project settings, you will find the Collaborators tab, where you can add members from other Divhunt organizations for that project specifically.

Once added, you’ll see a login link button, click and copy, then send to that person.

Using that link, that person can login to manage your website directly, (completely skipping the Divhunt dashboard on

Is it possible to transfer a client’s website from my collaborators to a regular monthly plan if the customer decides to do that without losing his website on a monthly plan?

Hey, there’s nothing wrong. Just when you press view on top right corner, that is always going to open a homepage as default page of your website.

Above each page on your canvas, you have a url to specific page, so if you need to open other page, just click on that link above page.

This is the wrong topic…

I have a few :hugs:

Thanks a lot, now I understand.

But it always trying to open it with 404 error a second before the hompage is opening.

You will see the error 404 only on live preview site for admin. The user will not see it. Publish and check it with the incognito mode without issue.