Airtable plugin not found

Hello, I have used Airtable plugin for another project, but today I created a new project and it cannot be found in the “Browse Plugins” section. I followed the instructions and activated “Rest API”, but still Airtable plugin could not be found. Any idea/help?

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Hi @chris

I apologize for inconvenience, under plugins, now you can find only plugins built by community, however, Airtable was a extension of REST API Application, so it no longer can be found in Plugins section.

I’ll send you video where you can find it, and we will update video soon. Please allow us some time today/tomorrow.

Hi @dejan any update on this topic?

Thanks in advance for the good work!

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Hi @dejan any update here? Airtable plugin still cannot be found and I assume this is a quite important divhunt integration. Any idea approximately when this will be fixed? Cheers


I truly apologize for waiting for this functionality. We are completely re-modeling our system, to separate the 3rd party built plugins from our own built applications and plugins (extensions).

You may now find Airtable under the “Applications” section, once you install a certain application for example “REST API” you will see more options to install, in this case Airtable plugin which works on top of Rest API.

Let me know if you need any help with this.

PS: Try this in 20 min from now, currently new Divhunt build is being generated.

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