Airtable Problem getting Single Page Working

I follow this video in detail.

Im stuck on populating the single page.

I set its source in the page area… But when I goto assign the elements, I get no data to pick from.

Can anyone tell me what I am missing here?

Hi @btcjon

Could you share your domain please :slight_smile: It would be much easier to look into the problem and propose solution.


You need to set the source on page (I already did it for you)

Then, you’ll have all the data available using the variable system

I’ve added example h1 with product name


And now you can access: Bravenly | Product

Wow! thank you for such a quick response.
Am I doing something wrong with the links from shop/home page so that they are not showing up correctly?

No matter what product link clicked, its always showing 1st product in list and not changing


It works for me? Each of shop item goes into it’s own dynamic page?

Can you record quick video or send screenshots of the issue?


The video you sent me is how the links should work. Each product link you clicked, redirected you to dynamic page with the clicked product data.

Now you need to finish that dynamic page for each product, to add the rest of structure and connect rest fields.

thank you so much for your help! If I can work thru the kinks… this is going to be awesome!!


It’s there just under “Page” variable :slight_smile:

Because when you create dynamic page using source, now the data from that shop item becomes available globally inside page, so that’s why it’s placed inside “Page” variable. Hopefully that makes sense.


For the underline, you can find it here, three dots for more settings:

u are my hero! thank you!!! Very impressed with the fast response here in the forum.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’ll have to go now, but feel free to ask any questions and we will respond to them al tomorrow morning.

next roadblocks I am hitting…