Alternate Site Theme Options

Hey guys,

I have logged in today and have noticed that you have introduced the popup box for editing text on our websites. While I like this function, it raises issues for me with my eyes as white text on black (anything dark mode) causes my eyes to have ongoing issues after use with white lines imprinted in my vision for sometimes half an hour to an hour afterwards - as a result, I cannot and do not use Dark Mode for anything that is text/writing related.

As I believe this text box method is the way forward, is there a way that you can implement a Light Mode/Dark Mode option in the editor/builder view? Obviously the darker background between the canvases is great and helps make things clear, but it’d be great if we could choose to have an interface similar to this Discourse layout where the text editing through a popup box and surrounding menu is available in another option. With the dark mode popup box being used for Paragraph editing etc, it will hinder my ability to use the platform.


Can you take screenshot of the popup which causes issue for you? I am not sure to which popup are you referring to.

Hey Dejan,

Sorry about that! Here’s an example of what I see now when I click to edit a paragraph. Previously, this box didn’t appear and I would edit straight onto the webpage. This white text on black writing is what causes my eyes issue, particularly when there are multiple lines of text.