Animating images when hovering over them?

I’m a noob here. Switching from Mobirise, which is drag and drop web builder. Divhunt seems so much more powerful, but also more daunting to learn at the moment. But I’m determined to learn.

I’m trying to recreate a website for my wife and the previous tool we used allowed us to animate an image as the video shows when we hovered over the image. How can I do something similar in Divhunt?

Thank you in advance.


I created a tutorial for this, there’s also some explanation in video description, so you can check.
This video is not live on our channel, but with your permission, I can atleast post it on our academy, so someone else also can see how to create this interesting effect.

In video description I left a pastebin with JSON code, that you can just use and paste it on your website, so you don’t need to create it from scratch.

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That is amazing. I will take a look. And yes, please, feel free to post the video.
Thank you so much.

OK, just watched it. It is so incredibly powerful. I had created my grid differently. I didn’t know you could make a div take more than one grid space. When I’m back on my computer I will see if my method of splitting the grid works, or if I have to do it exactly like you did. I also, wasn’t aware of how the different canvas dimensions could have different settings for the drivs. So this was an incredibly educational tutorial. And seeing how you created the line animations was fantastic.
Again, thank you sooooo much!

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