Are there really no basic tutorials?

I don’t understand. Am I missing something here?

Obviously, I can see that this tool has a steep learning curve for beginners and it’s been set up more for people who are already familiar with these types of tools. But it seems like the way you’re trying to stand out and set yourself apart from all the others is by promoting it as a tool for anyone.

I’ve been searching for some basic walkthroughs or tutorials but I can’t seem to find any. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been watching the youtube and loom videos but those aren’t even beginner-friendly.

I think the tools amazing and i can see the potential. But I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of some basic tutorials that will guide me through a general understanding of everything from a beginners perspective. It doesn’t matter if its video or text. Just something that’s not so advanced so I’m able to get a basic understanding of things. As long as I can get that then I can play around and eventually learn how to use it effectively. But without that, I’m literally not getting anywhere.

Please help.

Gday wyos, welcome!

Not sure if it is quite beginner-centric enough for you but I saw the following tutorial posted recently…

Otherwise, one of the dev team may be able to direct you to another more appropriate guide or produce one if needed.

Good luck!

I appreciate the response.

And yeah, I saw this one. The problem is this video bounces from one thing to the next and doesn’t really give
a thorough overview of everything.

Look, i understand we forget what its like to be a complete beginner when we’ve learned to master something. And I’m sure you guys are busy. I’m not trying to be a pain and create more work for you.

I see some basic videos of how certain things work. But I’m just really surprised there isn’t a basic walkthrough that goes through each of the features and how they work together.

I’ll figure it out.

Thanks anyways

Hey there,

I understand the struggle if you aren’t familiar with any website builders of this type, or HTML/CSS structures. You can find plenty of resources online, including our Divhunt channel, which offers many videos, each focusing on a specific feature. Additionally, any HTML/CSS tutorial or even other platform tutorials can be helpful.

We currently have these videos that will explain some processes in a better way (Especially the second one, you can see all the structure practices):

I understand the issue, but Divhunt primarily uses standard HTML/CSS practices at its core. If you grasp these basics, the Divhunt Builder will become a powerful tool to simplify your website-building process. It’s not just about learning the platform itself but understanding the structure you’re supposed to build your website with.

We’ll also create one basic tutorial for this matter as well. Thank you for the suggestion!

Exactly. And I completely understand that. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble grasping it.

Do you know of any resources that will help me learn the process? I understand I can do a quick google search to find resources. But a lot of the times you end up watching videos or learning things that don’t even apply to this. So, i figured I’d ask and see if you knew of something that could help specifically with learning how to build a website using a builder like this.

Would you suggest learning HTML/CSS/Javascript then? Would that be the fastest way to learn how to use divhunt properly?
Thanks for responding.

You can check this thread: DivHunt wish list? - #4 by Lazarevic

Also, you can find any web development course, or to be completely honest, a Webflow course because we are very similar platforms in many cases. There are a lot of them on YouTube.

But I explained this in detail in the thread I linked here, you’ll find very useful info there.