Autoplay music when visiting the website with a pause button


I think that music is an important part of the website experience and for my example, meditation music could cause the visitors to stay a bit longer.

How can I “achieve that with Divhunt?”

BTY… I see that the users are starting to talk like you… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In my experience, playing music on a website (especially automatically) is not a good idea. Of course there are many opinions on this, but from all the articles I’ve read, and user feedback I’ve received over the years, most users don’t want it - especially when you consider browsers now have tabs, and a site using music can get “lost” in the tabs when you don’t want to hear music. (where is that music coming from!?! lol)

My personal opinion is, if you are set on having music, allow the user to turn it on/off and avoid auto play. My 2 cents.



Thanks a lot for your perspective.

I totally agree with the buttons and maybe remove the autoplay.

This forum is great for sharing experiences and ideas

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That’s why autoplay videos need to be muted, otherwise autoplay will not work on most of the browsers. People hated this in past, and browsers created that feature. Now, in order for you to play a sound to a user, user needs to have a click interaction with the website.

That’s why websites with the music, usually create some intro screen where they are forcing you to click something, so they can play you sounds. For example they would create an intro screen which has button “Join” , and when you click join, you gave them permission to play sounds.

I might be completely wrong, and there might be a work-around for that click interactivity, I haven’t work a lot with the sounds in career, but this is what I learned so far :smiley:

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Hi Stefan

Do you have a solution for an audio player widget?

I want to make a small sticky audio player that will be at the right bottom part of the page and a popup that suggests pressing the play button to play the audio.

I couldn’t find a solution for the audio player that doesn’t cost a monthly fee.

Is this topic for a native audio player wish list?

You are trying to play some mp3/mp4 file that you will upload on your website, or you want to embed some sort of radio?

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An MP3 file that I can upload to a player that I can custom a bit like location in the page, size, colors of buttons, and background.